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Puur Noord | Episode 120 | Klaas Koopmans, Douwe Mollema and Cees van Baalen.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 120: Klaas Koopmans, Douwe Mollema and Cees van Baalen.

    First aired: Thursday, 14 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord we spotted along with Klaas Koopmans at F-16s, we seek at records during Record Store Day and Friday is the International Day of Silence.

    Frisian Flag
    Klaas Koopmans is spotter and member of Aviation Group Leeuwarden. At this moment there is a large international exercise on the Leeuwarden airbase. This attracts many people from home and abroad to get the aircraft on photo. The cooperation between ministry of Defence and the AGL is quite unique.

    Website: www.agl-fullstop.nl
    Facebook: Aviation Group

    Record Store Day
    Douwe Mollema has a record shop in Franeker. On April 16th it is Record Store Day and that means there are a lot of performances from artists in the record stores all over the world. One of the 80 hotspots of the Netherlands are at his store.

    Website: www.recordstoreday.nl www.musicmol.nl
    Facebook: Mollema Music World

    International Day of Silence
    Cees van Baalen is director of the COC Friesland. Tomorrow is the International Day of Silence. An action day because the bullying at school needs to stop if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender says the organization.

    Website: www.gaystraightalliance.nl
    Facebook: Gay-Straight Alliance Netwerk
    Twitter: @GSAnetwerk
    Instagram: gsanetwerk

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