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Soundcheck | Episode 23 | Aphranova


    Episode 23: Aphranova

    First aired: Thursday, 14 April 2016 at 17.32 hours

    Looking for an adventure in SoundCHECK at the rehearsals of the band Aphranova.

    Aphranova, is the new project of singer Angelique van Os. The five-man band from Groningen / Drenthe is very young; in early 2015, the group was formed, consisting of Eric Leenes, Thomas Zeevalking, Tony Hoyting and Arthur Buitelaar. Aphranova interpret songs from their digital debut EP, Late Bloomer, which appeared in April 2015. Aphranova is an energetic and a musical companion and with its mix of pop, soul and jazz flavours ready for the big stage.

    In SoundCHECK we are at the rehearsal where Aphranova is practicing for the gig that takes place in Borger. Douwe Kool is getting to know the band better and even gets a scoop of a song that has not yet appeared on any album what so ever.

    Website: www.aphranova.com
    Facebook: Aphranova
    Twitter: @aphranova
    Youtube: Angelique van Os
    Instagram: Angelique van Os

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