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Puur Noord | Episode 121 | Hans Bijker, Rappende Meiden, Luuk Leggedoor and Berry Post

    Puur Noord

    Episode 121: Hans Bijker, Rappende Meiden, Luuk Leggedoor and Berry Post

    First aired: Friday, 15 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord we enter the water season in Akkrum, the newest single from Rappende Meiden, the soap around Soccer Dome Heerenveen and SPORT.

    AWS Eendracht
    Hans Bijker is in the organization of AWS and does everything that has to do with water sports, in Akkrum. This weekend is the opening weekend of the season. At the heart of the busy water sports in Friesland, it is important to make a good first impression.

    Website: www.awseendracht.nl
    Facebook: AWS Eendracht
    Twitter: @Awseendracht

    Rappende Meiden
    Gwendolynn Koopman from Meppel and Carlijn Mol from Utrecht, have in a short time conquer many hearts with their numbers. After their first song 'Rappende Meiden' they were sure; this collaboration will not stop yet! Now they have a new single: SOLO!

    Website: www.rappendemeiden.com
    Facebook: Rappende Meiden
    Twitter: @rappendemeiden
    Youtube: Rappende Meiden
    Instagram: rappendemeiden

    Soccerdome Heerenveen
    Luuk Leggedoor and Berry Post throw in the towel at the Soccerdome in Heerenveen. After two years they can't get along with the municipality and Sportstad Heerenveen about how the company can get regular licenses.

    Website: www.soccerdomeheerenveen.nl
    Facebook: Soccerdome Heerenveen

    Last Sunday Aris Leeuwarden lost against Rotterdam making the playoffs more far away then ever. The men from Leeuwarden still have a small chance and that is if they win the last two games. Yesterday Aris played against Weert. How did they perform?

    Facebook: Aris Leeuwarden
    Twitter: @Aris_Leeuwarden

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