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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 116 | Music from the North

Varying from Dutch torch songs to French chansons: it's time for a wide assortment of music by artists of the Northern Netherlands!

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 116: Music from the North

First aired: Saturday, 16 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

Varying from Dutch torch songs to French chansons: it's time for a wide assortment of music by artists of the Northern Netherlands!

Davine – Partie (from Groningen)
Davine de Yves: her name makes you guess her heritage, even though this singer is simply from Groningen. Inspired by the French music Davine's mother used to listen to, she decided to sing chansons. In 2013 she released her first album, that got many laudatory reviews. As the muse of fashion designer Christian Langewaard, she wears the most beautiful gowns during her performances, while the audience can listen to her warm voice. In 2016 Davine plans to release her second album.

Website: www.davine.nl
Facebook: Davine
Twitter: @DavineFanpage

De Kast – De tijd tikt door (from Friesland)
This band from Friesland started as an English-singing band and took on many names in the beginning. Eventually they settled on 'de Kast' and sang songs in Dutch and Frysian. They wrote 'In Nije Dei' (a new day), the iconic soundtrack to the Frysian film 'De Gouden Swipe', which became a huge hit. Especially the nineties were prosperous for the men, though the band is still active. Last year they celebrated their 25th anniversary with a new album and additional tour in the Netherlands.

Website: www.dekast.nl
Facebook: DeKastMusic
Twitter: @DeKastMusic

Bert Hadders & De Swinders – As Zai Mor Altied Bie Mie Blift (from Groningen)
On their debut album, band Swinder from Groningen already created a track together with singer Bert Hadders. A second collaboration was set up at Noorderzon in 2014 (a festival in Groningen). Bert Hadders was asked to write a song for a special performance as part of a bike tour, organised by Swinder. A while after the performance, the song still was stuck in the heads of the artists, upon which they decided to record it and release it as a single. The name of this musical duo was established quickly: Bert Hadders & de Swinders.

Website: www.berthadders.nl, www.swinder.nl
Facebook: Bert Hadders, Swinder
Twitter: @BertNozem. @swindergrunn

Lytse Hille – 1000 Dromen (from Friesland)
“He's a musical little guy” is what his elementary school teacher said once. Every Sunday Hille sang along to songs on the radio together with the family. It's no surprise he became a professional singer at an older age. As owner of his café he often sang for his guests. People would come from different places to experience the jovial ambience. In 2006 Hille decided to focus solely on his music. This turned out to be a good decision, as he gets gigs throughout the whole country.

Website: www.hille.nu
Facebook: Lytse Hille
Twitter: @LytseHille

Evert Wolters – Alsof morgen niet bestaat (from Drenthe)
At first, Evert Wolters didn't get any further than a solo in the goodbye musical of his elementary school. When he got into highschool, his interest for music started to grow. On the age of 15 he discovered he could actually sing really well, upon which he decided to work on that. Ever since, his goal is to let the audience hear his Dutch torch songs. He releases original songs and tries to perform as many times as possible, to broaden his musical career.

Website: www.evertwolters.nl

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