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SPORT | Episode 127 | Soccer, basketball, handball and volleyball


    Episode 127: Soccer, basketball, handball and volleyball

    First aired: Monday, 18 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode: summaries of cup matches Staphorst - ONS Sneek and VV Groningen - Flevo Boys. Furthermore, the first championship matches in the play-offs of volleyball: Lycurgus - Orion and VC Sneek - Set Up '65, and the basketball match Zwolle - Aris Leeuwarden. Lastly, a portrait of volleyball family Jasper from Sneek.

    Soccer: VV Staphorst - ONS Sneek
    This weekend the semifinals of the cup tournament were played. Staphorst fought ONS Sneek at home. The team from Sneek managed to eliminate Oranje Nassau Groningen during the quarterfinals, while Staphorst won against PKC '83. ONS Sneek was the winner of the cup in 2014. Last year Staphorst reached the finals, but lost against Harkemase Boys with 4-3.

    Website: www.vvstaphorst.nl, www.onssneek.nl
    Facebook: VV Staphorst, ONS Sneek
    Twitter: @vvStaphorst, @ONSSneek

    Soccer: VV Groningen - Flevo Boys
    In the other semifinal match, third division club VV Groningen played against Flevo Boys. VV Groningen was too strong for Harkemase Boys and Genemuiden. The club of Groningen turns out to be the revelation of this cup tournament. Could VV Groningen defeat Flevo Boys as well?

    Website: www.vvgroningen.nl
    Facebook: VV Groningen

    Volleyball: VC Sneek – Set-Up‘65
    Just like last season, VC Sneek wants to be the national champion. So far, they've made it to the finals of the play-offs. This weekend VC Sneek played against Set-Up‘65 from Ootmarsum. Set-Up'65 managed to finish just above Sliedrecht Sport in the Champions group, because of a better set balance.

    Website: www.vcsneek.nl
    Facebook: VCSneek
    Twitter: @vcsneek

    Volleyball: Lycurgus – Orion
    Lycurgus was too strong for Dynamo Apeldoorn in the semifinals. During the other semifinal match, Orion from Doetinchem had trouble winning of Landstede Zwolle. Eventually, Orion barely won with 2-1 in sets. In the finals, both teams play the best-of-five. This Sunday, the first final match was played in Martinplaza in Groningen.

    Website: www.lycurgus.nl
    Facebook: VCSneek
    Twitter: @vcsneek

    Basketball: Aris – Zwolle
    Aris Leeuwarden did themselves a great disservice by losing from Rotterdam in the final seconds. However, they still have one chance to make it to the play-offs: they have to win from Zwolle. Zwolle already placed itself for the semifinals, and thus may skip the first play-off round.

    Website: www.arisleeuwarden.nl
    Facebook: Aris Leeuwarden
    Twitter: @Aris_Leeuwarden

    Volleyball: Portrait of the sisters Jasper
    The Jasper family from Sneek consists of volleyball fanatics. The eldest sister Marrit (20) is a valuable player of VC Sneek's first division team, her younger sister Hester (14) recently joined the selection, and their other sister Rianne (17) is a player of the third division team of VC Sneek. We talked with the sisters Jasper and their parents about their family relationship, last year's championship and the urge to become champions once again.

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