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Puur Noord | Episode 122 | Christiaan Kuyvenhoven, Geert Pruiksma and Alex Pitstra

    Puur Noord

    Episode 122: Christiaan Kuyvenhoven, Geert Pruiksma and Alex Pitstra

    First aired: Wednesday, 20 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks to Christiaan Kuyvenhoven about 'De Koperen Tuin', to Geert Pruiksma about flags and to Alex Pitstra about 'Bezness as usual.

    Christiaan Kuyvenhoven is a pianist en theatermaker. As a presenter he's known by NPO Radio 4. Currently he is touring the country with his music theater performance "De Koperen Tuin", based on the novel by Simon Vestdijk, directed by Laurens Krispijn de Boer. It's a musical monologue about the love of a young man in the twenties. You can see it in De Nieuwe Kolk in Assen.

    Website: www.christiaankuyvenhoven.com, www.dekoperentuin.com, www.vestdijk.com

    Art/architecture historian Geert Pruiksma is a monthly guest in this program. He's the director of Museum Nienoord Leek. This time it's all about the four countryflags. He gives also an instruction about how the national flag should be hanging there.

    Filmmaker Alex Pitstra grew up in Groningen as son of a Tunisian father and a Frisian mother. When his parents divorced his father disappeared from sight. In 2005 Pitstra traveled to Tunisia to get to know him. His documentary 'Beznes as usual' is about the complex relationship that developed from that moment.

    Website: www.alexpitstra.nl, www.cinemaarabe.nl

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