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SoundCHECK! | Episode 24 | Magnetic Spacemen


    Episode 24: Magnetic Spacemen

    First aired: Thursday, 21 April 2016 at 17.32 hours

    In SoundCHECK we will conquer a part of the world together with the band Magnetic Spacemen.

    In 2013 the band was founded in the rehearsal room at the house of bassist/vocalist Sam in Tuk, a small village near Steenwijk. Since then, they have written a lot of songs inspired by bands like The Hives, OFF!, Together PANGEA and The Who. Magnetic Spacemen is a young, raw garage rock band with a very energetic show. They say they are ready to conquer the world.

    Perhaps SoundCHECK can contribute to that. SoundCHECK follows Magnetic Spacemen in the Bolwerk in Sneek. The band is the opening act of White Miles. In turn, this band was the opening act of the band Eagles of Death Metal in Bataclan during the attacks in Paris.

    Website: www.magneticspacemen.nl
    Facebook: Magnetic Spacemen
    Twitter: @magneticspcmn
    Youtube: Magnetic Spacemen
    Instagram: magneticspacemen

    About this program:

    SoundCHECK! is een muziekprogramma op Podium.TV waarin een bezoekje wordt gebracht aan de meest uiteenlopende muzikanten uit Noord-Nederland.

    Tip de redactie wanneer jij een leuke band uit Noord Nederland kent waar je meer van zou willen weten!