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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 117 | Muziek op het Podium

In this episode of 'Muziek op het Podium' we get to see a few live songs that have been recorded in our studio. Sing along, listen and enjoy:

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 117: Muziek op het Podium

First aired: Saturday, 23 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

In this episode of 'Muziek op het Podium' we get to see a few live songs that have been recorded in our studio. Sing along, listen and enjoy:

Mooi Wark
Inspired by the band 'Normaal', Beert Koops and Henk Oosting (no longer with the band) founded Mooi Wark in 1992. Although they didn't have an easy start, the band is an established name by now. Real 'boerenrock' (farmer's rock), is how their music can be described. Many Dutch people have heard their raw rock songs and mocking lyrics. Mooi Wark is one of the few bands that earned national fame with songs in dialect.

Website: www.mooiwark.nl
Facebook: Mooi Wark
Twitter: @mooiwark

Graham Lowlanders Pipes and Drums
When thinking of bagpipes, one thinks of Scotland. However, the Graham Lowlanders from Leeuwarden prove that the Northern Netherlands appreciate this music as well. Next year the group will be celebrating their 45th anniversary, which makes them the oldest bagpipes band in the North. A genre not many people listen to in the Netherlands, but the band manages to keep expanding with new members.

Website: www.grahamlowlanders.com
Facebook: Graham Lowlanders Pipes and Drums

Timo de Jong
This singer-songwriter from Meppel writes his songs about daily life, things that are close to him, or things that apply to everyone. Ease listening pop songs, with influences of folk and country music. Timo has released two EP's already and next week he will release his newest album! Wherever Timo performs, he makes sure to create the ambience of a concert in a cosy living room.

Website: www.timodejong.bandcamp.com
Facebook: Timo de Jong

Daan van Beijeren developed his love for making and writing music during his teenage years. Now he's 23, plays the drums, guitar, piano and sings. In 2015 he participated in the 'Kleine Prijs van Friesland', which was an impulsive act, however for this singer-songwriter not illogical at all. Together with a friend he invested in a home recording studio, where he produces his music.

Website: www.tolls.bandcamp.com
Facebook: Tolls
Twitter: @tollsmusic

Nicole Wairata
Last year Nicole won the first round of 'Kunstbende' in Drenthe, in the category music. Since she was 6 years old, she followed vocal and piano lessons. The 16 year old singer from Assen may be young, but she's is a promising talent. After her high school finals, she plans to study music, arts and media.

Facebook: Nicole Wairata

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