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SPORT | Episode 128 | Soccer, volleyball and basketball


    Episode 128: Soccer, volleyball and basketball

    First aired: Monday, 25 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT summaries of the soccer games Harkemase Boys - CSV Apeldoorn, SC Genemuiden - VV Staphorst and HHC Hardenberg - Barendrecht. Also summaries of the volleyball matches Lycurgus - Orion and VC Sneek - Set-Up '65. Finally, an interview with basketball player Ross Bekkering from Donar.

    Volleyball: Lycurgus – Orion
    Lycurgus is playing in the finals of the National Championship against Orion from Doetinchem. Lycurgus won the first two games and the next match at home could be a deciding one. If the team from Groningen wins the third game, then Lycurgus becomes champion.

    Website: www.lycurgus.nl
    Facebook: VCSneek
    Twitter: @vcsneek

    Volleyball: VC Sneek – Set-Up‘65
    VC Sneek and Set-Up '65 from Ootmarsum are playing the finals for the Championship. VC Sneek won the first two games and leads with 2-0. Sunday they'll play the third game and when VC Sneek manages to win again, the team of coach Petra Groenland will be champion.

    Website: www.vcsneek.nl
    Facebook: VCSneek
    Twitter: @vcsneek

    Soccer: Harkemase Boys – CSV Apeldoorn
    Harkemase Boys has almost won the title in Saturday's Hoofdklasse. If the team of coach Jan Vlap wins against CSV Apeldoorn, and the number two VV Staphorst loses against SC Genemuiden, Harkemase Boys becomes the champion.

    Website: www.harkemaseboys.nl
    Facebook: Harkemase Boys
    Twitter: @HarkemaseBoys

    Soccer: SC Genemuiden - VV Staphorst
    VV Staphorst wants to finish second in the league, because then they'll play promotion matches to get promoted to the Third Division. Staphorst also has a chance to win the third period's title. Opponent SC Genemuiden is now tenth in the league and is fighting against relegation.

    Website: www.vvstaphorst.nl
    Facebook: VV Staphorst
    Twitter: @vvStaphorst

    Soccer: HHC Hardenberg – Barendrecht
    The competition is very exciting in the Topklasse Saturday. There are at least four clubs that can win the title, one of those teams is HHC Hardenberg. Opponent Barendrecht is two points behind HHC, so that team also has a small chance to win the title.

    Website: www.hhc-hardenberg.nl
    Facebook: HHC Hardenberg
    Twitter: @HHCHardenberg

    Basketball: Interview Ross Bekkering
    Ross Bekkering has been playing at Donar from Groningen for several years now. The basketball player has become one of the driving forces behind his team. We visited Bekkering in Groningen to talk about his career as a professional basketball player.

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