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Puur Noord | Episode 126 | Hans Groeneweg, Jan Germs, Gerard Popkema and Florianne Remme.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 126: Hans Groeneweg, Jan Germs, Gerard Popkema and Florianne Remme.

    First aired: Thursday, 28 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Don't throw your stuff away, talk Dutch to me, look behind your back and the first prelude of Bach on chello.

    Niet Weggooien
    Hans Groeneweg is curator of the Fries Verzetsmuseum. The museum regularly hold a "Niet Weggooien” action. These are days that objects of the war can be estimated and offer before they are being discarded.

    Website: www.friesverzetsmuseum.nl
    Facebook: Fries Verzetsmuseum
    Twitter: @verzetsmuseum

    Huus van de Taol
    Jan Germs has every fiber in his body that is Drents and is associated with Huus of Taol. He is supporting a pilot teacher training for college students to integrate more Drents in elementary schools in the curriculum because from talking Drents you become smarter!

    Website: www.huusvandetaol.nl
    Facebook: Huus van de Taol

    Florianne Remme
    The Prinses Christina Concours has been organizing competitions for young musicians for more than forty years. There are also editions of the competition for young composers and jazz musicians. Eight young music talents were selected for the National Final of the Princes Christina Concours in 2016.[/b]
    Florianne Remme stood as one of eight in the final. At the competition, every finalist is a prize winner. The jury is considering the level and developmental capabilities of the finalist so that everyone receives one or more suitable prices.

    Website: www.christinaconcours.nl
    Facebook: Florianne Remme Prinses Christina Concours
    Twitter: @pcconcours

    Met de kont aangekeken
    The gripping story of a society that would not start. About the struggle of Frisian freebooters who still lived in caves in the fifties of the 20th century. A thought-provoking book, about contemporary society and the way people interact with each other. But also a book about togetherness, construction and integration.

    Website: www.moosmedia.nl

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