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Puur Noord | Episode 127 | De Snikkeweek, BBQ wedstrijd and Broca Brothers

    Puur Noord

    Episode 127: De Snikkeweek, BBQ wedstrijd and Broca Brothers

    First aired: Friday, 29 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In Puur Noord Jan Nieboer talks about the Snikkeweek, Marchinus Swierts shows us how you can BBQ and Hille and Sjoerd Stellingwerf as the Brothers of Broca.

    Jan Nieboer is chairman of the Snikkeweek in Musselkanaal. Next week, there is a large sailing event as a tribute to the type of boat which was the predecessor of the current public transport in the Netherlands.

    Website: www.snikkeweek.nl
    Facebook: Snikkeweek

    BBQ wedstrijd Hoogeveen
    For Marchinus Swierts everyone must prepare their meat on a BBQ in the Netherlands. But only when they prepare it well without the meat is going to be too dry or is black. For our viewers Marchinus will give a workshop in Puur Noord and also there is a BBQ contest at May 5th in Hoogeveen.

    Website: www.bbqwedstrijdhoogeveen.nl
    Facebook: Marchinus Swierts

    Broca Brothers
    Hille and Sjoerd Stellingwerf stuttered and had enough of it. They have developed a therapy to get a grip on the stottering. The Broca Brothers even have a YouTube channel to help other people who stutter. At the table the brothers tells us how they manage to get rid of the stuttering.

    Website: www.brocabrothers.nl
    Facebook: Broca Brothers
    Youtube: Broca Brothers

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