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Noorderdiepte | Episode 47 | One in times of conflict - Bitterly divided into peace

A triptych


Episode 47: One in times of conflict - Bitterly divided into peace

First aired: Wednesday, 4 May 2016 at 18.30 hours

A triptych

On March 7th, 1941 - 75 years ago - the communist Hindrik Wiekens gets arrested in his hometown Oude Pekela. Wiekens is part of a large group of Groningen Communists, some of whom the Germans already arrested early in the war. Most of them - including Hindrik Wiekens – die in concentration camps like Buchenwald and Groß-Rosen.

In Groningen the Communists are the first to speak out against the Nazis and the persecution of the Jews. However, in Groningen another group is well represented in the resistance as well: the Reformed. Like the Communists, many Calvinists resist against the Germans because of their belief. They consider it to be a divine mandate to take action, which would cost many lives in this group eventually.

During the war the Communists and the Reformed are on the same side, but this consensus is temporary. Immediately after the liberation the distrust grows again. This caused the surviving relatives of the Communist resistors to live in poverty for years, while fighting for recognition.

Director: Liefke Knol

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Landscape, art and culture, with the window on the north.

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