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    Puur Noord

    Episode 130: Puur Noord

    First aired: Friday, 6 May 2016 at 17.00 hours

    It's almost Mother's day and this episode we celebrate this with music from Heleen Roosdorp. Remko Rozeboom talks about the Van Swietenfestival en more about feast during the Multiculinair Foodfestival in Groningen.

    Van Swietenfestival
    Remko Rozeboom is from the organisation of the Van Swietenfestival. This year they celebrate it's fifth edition. In a short time the festival has become the ultimate party event of Southwest Drenthe.

    Website: www.vanswietenfestival.nl
    Facebook: Van Swietenfestival
    Twitter: @VanSwietenfestival

    Multiculinair Foodfestival
    Food festivals are hot! Coen Speelman is from the organisation of the Multiculinair Fodfestival in Groningen and according to him, this one is truly unique.

    Website: www.multiculinairfestival.nl
    Facebook: Multiculinair Foodfestival
    Twitter: @MultiCulinairFestival

    Mother's day
    Coming Sunday it's Mother's day. Heleen Roosdorp wrote a special song devoted to this day that should always stay in our harts. Today the premiere of her song ' Door jou..'

    Website: www.heleenroosdorp.nl
    Facebook: Heleen Roosdorp
    Twitter: @HeleenRoosdorp

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