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Become Harkemase Boys Champion?


Soccer: Harkemase Boys - ACV

First aired: Saturday, 7 May 2016 at 14.20 hours

Become Harkemase Boys Champion?

Succeed Harkemase Boys finally to be champion? On Saturday, May 7th, the team of coach Jan vlap home against ACV Assen, the number three in the rankings. In a victory Harkemase Boys has the championship definite tive inside.

Podium.TV doing LIVE report from the match between Harkemase Boys and ACV. But the game VV STAPHORST - Drachtster Boys will be closely monitored, as this game may also have impact on the title race. When there is a goal in Staphorst will see that immediately.

Do not want to miss the showdown in Saturday's league?
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Website: www.HarkemaseBoys.nl
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