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Puur Noord | Episode 132 | Puur Noord

    Puur Noord

    Episode 132: Puur Noord

    First aired: Thursday, 12 May 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord Sandrina Scholten talks about the 90 km long festival, where can you go during the Dag van het Kasteel, Landgoed Tenaxx is turned into one big Jurassic Park and music of the Four Flutes.

    Festival OverdeVloed
    Sandrina Scholten is in the organisation of the festival OverdeVloed that is being held from 3rd thru June 5th. She will talk about the special opening of a new 90 kilometer long bicycle path along the Groningen Waddenzeedijk.

    Website: www.festivaloverdevloed.nl
    Facebook: Festival OVERdeVLOED
    Twitter: @overdevloed

    Dag van het Kasteel
    Heidi van Limburg Stirum is Director of the NKS. The knowledge center for castle and outdoor area. On May 16th is the Dag van het Kasteel. In the north there are more castles than everyone thinks.

    Website: www.kastelen.nl
    Facebook: NKS
    Twitter: @NKS_Kennis

    Wouter Oudemans owns the Tenaxx estate in Wedde. At the moment he is his life not sure on the estate. Every day he is surrounded by 20 huge number of Dinosaures and the estate now seems more like Jurassic Park.

    Website: www.landgoedtenaxx.nl
    Facebook: Landgoed Tenaxx

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