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    Puur Noord

    Episode 133: Puur Noord

    First aired: Friday, 13 May 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord Frans Sijtsma tells us what Greenmapper actually is, Leon Verstappen talks to us about the new regulations if you want to get married and music of Senna Black.

    Frans Sijtsma is the creator of Greenmapper. It's a new way to share your favorite natural environment with others. And in that way also to get in touch with others.

    Website: www.greenmapper.org

    The month of May is a month to get married
    Leon Verstappen is Professor of private law at the R.U.G in Groningen. Soon there will be a change of a few things for those who are getting married in the future, because married in community of property is no longer the standard.

    Senna Black
    Sanne Hoeksma, 28, born and raised in Leeuwarden, had her first encounter with music at a very young age. In her teens singing was an increasingly important place in her life. Senna Black was born from a loving collaboration between singer Sanne Hoeksma and lyricist David Draaisma. Senna stands for truth and light, Black represents the raw side of life. Inspired by music from the blues and country.

    Website: www.sennablack.com
    Facebook: Senna Black
    Twitter: @Sennablackmusic
    Instagram: Senna_Black

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