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Puur Noord | Episode 135 | Margriet Herder-Hoekstra, Wolter Lommerde and Sjirger Holthuis.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 135: Margriet Herder-Hoekstra, Wolter Lommerde and Sjirger Holthuis.

    First aired: Thursday, 19 May 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In Puur Noord Dick Jansen discusses what to do to prevent skin cancer, The Pauperparadijs should be a huge spectacle and the first Hanze Festival in Bolsward.

    National Huidkankerdag
    Margriet Herder-Hoekstra is dermatologist in Tjongerschans hospital in Heerenveen. Every day she sees what the sun can do to your skin. Now we go out a lot and the risks increases. On Saturday, May 21 is National Huidkankerdag and you can be examined strange spots that you do not trust.

    Website: http://www.huidkankerdag.nl
    Twitter: @NVDV2

    The Pauperparadijs
    Wolter Lommerde is co-producer of the Pauperparadijs. A theater of rich and poor, and what it was like to have to survive in the Veenkolonien. The Pauperparadijs is a theater play based on the novel by Susanna Jansen. The show tells one of the most dramatic, hidden stories of the Netherlands and is played on the historic site where the story actually took place. The story is not only historically accurate but also extremely topical. On June 18 this piece will be in premier in Veenhuizen.

    Website: www.hetpauperparadijs.nl/theaterspektakel
    Facebook: Het Pauperparadijs
    Twitter: @Pauperparadijs
    Youtube: Het Pauperparadijs
    Instagram: Het Pauperparadijs

    Hanzefestival in Bolsward
    Sjirger Holthuis is chairman of the Hanze Festival in Bolsward. The first Hanze Festival that takes place on Saturday, May 28th in Bolsward. The festival should be the beginning of a beautiful tradition. This year only in Bolsward, but hopefully soon for the second time in Stavoren.

    Website: www.friesehanzesteden.nl

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