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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 121 | Muziek op het podium

This week in 'Muziek', a few flashbacks to performances in Puur Noord, by musicians from the Northern Netherlands.

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 121: Muziek op het podium

First aired: Saturday, 21 May 2016 at 17.00 hours

This week in 'Muziek', a few flashbacks to performances in Puur Noord, by musicians from the Northern Netherlands.

Alice Springs – The Wild Rover (from Friesland)
A band that emerged from the smokey pubs, but performs on big stages and at festivals now. Alice Springs is a party/cover band with a wide repertoire, something for everyone! This year, the band does a special 'Whiskey Tour', where they will play uplifting Irish songs and jigs. On Puur Noord they brought their guitars, banjo and violin to give us a small preview.

Website: www.alicespringsmusic.com
Facebook: Alice Springs
Twitter: @_AliceSprings

Kira – First Hello (from Groningen)
This happy and enthusiastic lady from Winschoten became famous when she participated in 'De Beste Singer-Songwriter van Nederland' (the best singer-songwriter of the Netherlands). Kira's songs tell stories, like she is writing a letter to someone. Fun, as well as heavy subjects take center stage in her lyrics, which she accompanies on her guitar.

Facebook: Kira Dekker
Twitter: @KiraDekker

Rappende Meiden – Solo (from Drenthe)
The name says it all: Gwendolynn and Carlijn are two cool girls that make rap music. It all started with a message on YouTube, this is how the collaboration was established. With the help of producer Jeroen Russchen (Spikey Spike) they released their first official single 'Solo', which they performed on Puur Noord.

Website: www.rappendemeiden.com
Facebook: Rappende Meiden
Twitter: @rappendemeiden

MELL – I See Your Eyes Everywhere (from Friesland)
She reached the quarter finals of 'The Voice of Holland', which says enough about the voice of MELL. The 3JS knew she had talent long before she got on the show and had written a song for her. However, when she really wants to work on her musical career, she suddenly has to deal with a cyst on her vocal cords. Luckily she retrieves her natural, husky voice after surgery and is able to sing beautifully on big stages again.

Website: www.mellmusic.nl
Facebook: MELL
Twitter: @mellmusictwit

Twarres – Fûgelfrij (from Friesland)
Sixteen years ago the Frysian duo Twarres released their song 'Wêr Bisto' (where are you). Due to a performance on a tv show, hosted by Paul de Leeuw, the song climbed the rankings and remained number one for six weeks. However, Twarres decided to quit after four years. Now Mirjam Timmer is back with a new formation, a three-man team. The music is still characterised by harmonizing vocals. On Podium.TV Twarres played their new single.

Website: www.twarres.nl
Facebook: Twarres
Twitter: @TwarresOfficial

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