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Puur Noord | Episode 138 | Dick Dam, Peter Sloot, Jacob van der Ploeg and Stefan Warink.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 138: Dick Dam, Peter Sloot, Jacob van der Ploeg and Stefan Warink.

    First aired: Thursday, 26 May 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord talks Dick Dam about the Glass House on the Grote Markt, Peter Sloot about the Globe Theatre in Diever, Musical Panacea gives us a performance and four miles of Sneek with Jacob van der Ploeg.

    De Troon van het Noorden
    Dick Dam is the initiator of the glass house on the Grote Markt in Groningen and no radio is being made but there is going to the sports squash.

    Website: www.squashgrotemarkt.nl/troon-van-het-noorden

    Globe Theatre
    Peter Sloot is the chairman of the open-air theater in Diever. This year the theater has another top piece of Shakespeare's Richard III. But also they have bigger plans.

    Website: www.shakespearetheaterdiever.nl
    Facebook: Schakespearetheater Diever
    Twitter: @ShakespeareTD
    Youtube: Shakesdiever

    4 Mijl van Sneek
    Last year Jacob van der Ploeg was co-commentator of the four miles of Sneek, but can not wait for he can run it himself this time. This weekend you can see the 4 Miles of Sneek live on Podium.TV.

    Website: www.4mijlvansneek.nl
    Facebook: 4 Mijl van Sneek
    Twitter: @4mijlvanSneek

    Stefan Warink is continuing to study medicine besides that he is very busy with the promotion of the Groninger musical play Panacea of the dancing and singing doctors in training.

    Website: www.panacea.nl
    Facebook: Panacea Bestuur

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