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Puur Noord | Episode 139 | Mini Singer-songwriterfestival

    Puur Noord

    Episode 139: Mini Singer-songwriterfestival

    First aired: Friday, 27 May 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today is the last episode of the season, including a mini Singer-songwriter festival, where we talk with the organization. And who does not know him? Christian Vredenburg, future celebrity, tells his story.

    Huub Heres and Bé Wever are both in the organization of a great singer-songwriter festival which is held in Veendam on Saturday 28 May.[/b]

    Website: www.bogdike.nl
    Facebook: Stichting Bogdike
    Twitter: @bogdike

    Four singer-songwriters let us see what they can do in Puur Noord. But who are they?

    Krzysztof Green, frontman litthe Cash, is the personification of an old soul in a young body. This 19-year-old Veendammer has all his life lit with the country virus.

    Mark Pot is a 21 year old sing / songwriter from Groningen. In 2013, Mark began to study hip-hop / dance vocalist at the Herman Brood Academy. The song "Ik kijk in je ogen" was released with Dave Dekker and earned a Top 40 ranking in the top40 Itunes.

    George Welling writes Dutch songs, Groningen tangos and ironic songs about trains and managers. The troubadour is a member of the Songclub in Groningen.

    Jeff Haymann began on his 15th as an amateur and lover of poetry and writing lyrics. He has for years been pressing to expand his hobby and has remained in the theater.]

    Christian Vredenburg
    At the table is also Christian Vredenburg. A boy from Steenwijk, which aims to be known. A future celebrity who does a lot in the media world. He has played in the film Rokjesdag, a supporting role in the program of Dr. Corrie, GTST etc. Of course you can follow his events on his Youtube-channel.

    Facebook: Christian Vredenburg
    Youtube: Christian Vredenburg

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