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    Runningevent: 4 Mile of Sneek 2016

    First aired: Sunday, 29 May 2016 at 14.50 hours

    On Sunday, May 29th will be held the fourth edition of the "four miles from Sneek.

    A race about four English miles from the historic town of Sneek. Podium.TV broadcast this event LIVE on television and over the internet.

    4 miles of Sneek is a match for both competition runners and recreationists. The route takes the participants twice over the famous Watergate. Last year the race was in the men won by Wilfred van Holst. The victory in the women went to Fleur Baljet.

    The launch of the 4 miles of Sneek sounds at exactly 15:00. The Podium.TV broadcast begins slightly earlier, at 14.50 hours.

    Website: www.4mijlvansneek.nl
    Facebook: 4 mijl van Sneek
    Twitter: @4mijlvanSneek

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