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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 123 | Muziek uit het Noorden

This week another generous amount of music from artists from the North. From pop music to rock, something for everyone!

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 123: Muziek uit het Noorden

First aired: Saturday, 2 July 2016 at 17.00 hours

This week another generous amount of music from artists from the North. From pop music to rock, something for everyone!

A Silent Express – Will I Be Around (from Friesland)
Since 2004, the Frysian Rik Annema, Dirk Sander Kooistra, Henk Jan Kooistra and Sanne Meems form the band 'A Silent Express'. Together they make indierock, with influences from new wave, pop and psychedelic music. In 2007 they won the Grote Prijs van Nederland-public award and released their first album. From that moment on everything started to move very quickly, but a real dream came true in 2010: becoming the support act of one of their biggest inspirations, Duran Duran.

Facebook: A Silent Express
Twitter: @asilentexpress

Miss Montreal ft. Will Knox – Thank you (from Overijssel)
Roos-Anne (Sanne) Hans, the singer-songwriter who got known for her appearance on De Wereld Draait Door and the Slankie cheese commercial, leads the band 'Miss Montreal'. Multiple songs hit the charts and the 3FM award 'Best Singer' went to Miss Montreal twice, thus the band can definitely be considered succesful. In addition, Sanne Hans can be seen regurarely on Dutch television as part of a jury for musical programs.

Website: www.missmontreal.nl
Facebook: Miss Montreal
Twitter: @MissMontreal

IOS – Altijd wel iemand (from Groningen)
In 1996 leadsinger Joost Marsman established the band IsOokSchitterend, together with friends of his fraternity. Soon all of the Netherlands knew their name, when they scored a hit with their single 'Voltooid verleden tijd' (Past Perfect). In the following years, the band released successful and less successful songs. In 2003 they made a restart, switched from record label and management, and rose in popularity again with singles like 'Altijd Wel Iemand' (always someone) and 'Hoe Het Voelt' (how it feels). In 2009 the band put a stop to their musical activities.

Website: www.ios.nl

Tim Douwsma – Bij Jou (from Friesland)
Born in Drachten, this Frysian guy is a multi-talent: singer, actor, model and tv host. Tim Douwsma became nationally known for his appearance on So You Wanna Be a Popstar, where he finished fifth. In addition to his musical career, he started working on his television and stage acting career. He starred as Danny Zuko in the Dutch version of Grease.

Website: www.timdouwsma.com
Facebook: Tim Douwsma
Twitter: @timdouwsma

Jack Bottleneck – No Way (from Friesland)
Jack Bottleneck grew up in the North European equivalent of Texas, the Friese Wouden, which can be heared in his music. With a mix of country, blues and americana he gives meaning to the words 'raw, authentic and musical'. Raw describes the characteristic voice of Johan Venema, the man behind the name. Because of his musical career, he's able to leave his darker past behind.

Website: www.jackbottleneck.com
Facebook: Jack Bottleneck
Twitter: @JackBottleneck

About this program:

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