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Toneelmeesters | Aflevering 101 | SeksTips 2 - Hoge hakken geen bezwaar


    Aflevering 101: SeksTips 2 - Hoge hakken geen bezwaar

    First aired: Wednesday, 20 February 2019 at 17.00 hours

    Arno van der Heyden is te gast in IJlst waar de hilarische musical SeksTips 2, Hoge hakken geen bezwaar, speelt. Het belooft een avond vol humor, smakelijke tips, prachtige verhalen, ondeugende anekdotes en prikkelende grappen te worden.

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    About this program:

    Toneelmeesters is a program about one of many theaters in the north of our country. Dramatist Arno van der Heyden will look for all sorts of facts and the best performance . In Toneelmeesters we get a look behind the scenes at both large well-known theaters and small venues unknown.

    Franeker to Stadskanaal, each theater has its own story, identity and perspective on diversity of performing arts. From programmer to light engineer and from horizon to Copper Kees. Arno will take you behind the scenes and goes in search of the true masters of the stage. What wonderful performances this season are on the shelves and of works which we can really miss anything.

    Toneelmeesters, every Wednesday from 17.00 hour