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Channel for Sports and Culture in Nothern Netherlands
Since march 2014 the television channel Podium.TV has started broadcasting programs on the cable and via internet. On the cable this medium is to be seen in whole Northern Netherlands, in Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and a big part of Overijssel. People can watch via internet all over the world, but also wireless in the backyard, in bath or in the bedroom.

The program of the commercial television Podium.TV consists of especially from many (regional) sport, preferably live. In addition, there is plenty of space for all forms of culture such as music, theater, art and folklore. Podium.TV also pays much attention to the people of the north, for example, in "In Beeld". Every week we take a look and we follow the visitors to a special event in the region.

The broadcasting of events, preferably live, but possibly also registered in order to broadcast at a later time, is the specialty of Podium.TV. This sets us apart from all other regional television channels, which only even live broadcast a program incidentally.

Podium.TV is seen on the cables Ziggo (channel 35), Kabelnoord en SKV (channel 19) and Caiway (channel 39). The program area covers Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel in the municipalities Hardenberg, Staphorst, Ommen and Steenwijkerland. A market area with nearly 2 million inhabitants.

The television channel of the north
Podium.TV has deliberately chosen to be the first television station in Northern Netherlands. The existing provincial stations focus increasingly on regional news only and topics such as Sports and Culture in these public channels get less and less attention. Podium.TV however, will free up more and more air time for the things that live within our own region.